How to Start a Moving Company

One of the services that will always be in demand is moving services. Businesses, consumers, and individuals hire moving companies to move items, goods, and belongings within and across states daily. As a result, if you are considering starting a moving company, you have made a good decision.

If you are searching for tips on how to start a moving company, here is the guide you need to start on a firm footing.

1. Business Plan

The success of a business starts from a carefully prepared business plan that elucidates the startup and ongoing costs covering the essential tools, equipment, and vehicles needed, target market, the right price to charge customers, and suitable business name and business registration. You unavoidably need to hire a professional to prepare a feasible business plan for your business.

2. Form a Legal Entity

To run a legal moving company, you need to register a business as a legally independent entity such as an LLC or corporation to avoid being personally liable if your moving company is sued. You can do the registration yourself or hire a business formation service for a small fee.

3. Register for Taxes

Your new business must comply with the state and federal taxes legislation before the new company starts running. Apply for an EIN – it is free and easy.

4. Open a Business Bank Account

You need to open a bank account in the name of the newly founded moving company to appear professional. Do not use your personal bank account for your business, your entire cash and non-cash properties will be vulnerable in the event of litigation.

5. Set up Business Accounting

You need to set up efficient business accounting records for income and expenses for proper evaluation of your business financial performance and accurate annual tax filing.

6. Permits and Licenses

Obtain all the necessary permits and licenses to guarantee the easy running of your business within and across states. Failure will attract hefty fines and forced closure of the business.

7. Insurance

Get the right business insurance for your moving company. This will protect your company in the face of an accident and consequent losses. Explore all possible insurance policies starting from General Liability Insurance.

8. Branding and Marketing

Create an effective brand and push your brand using both online and offline media. Create a website and social media marketing, spend on SEO and SEM. Establish an efficient web presence and drive traffic to your business.

The above are the steps involved in starting a moving company. Each of the steps is crucial to running a legal, licensed, and profitable moving company. 

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